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Journey: Session 1, Week 5

As week five comes to a close, we have a variety of progress to report. The continuation of our friendship Quest and Genre has generated our most extended and in-depth writing to date. All the Learners completed their rough drafts on what their friendship strategy would look like. Their Quests have taught them skills like deep conversations and first impressions. Learners had the chance to dive even more profound by sharing and documenting an intense experience with one another.

Learners continue to complete their 45/45/45 challenge, which they must do every day of the week. Whether they spend 45 minutes on a deep book or a personal book, the studio stays quiet as all learners get lost in their reading. The other 90 minutes spent on writing and math have been regular for all learners, and they continue to produce what the state as improving work each week.

Another daily routine we practice is meditation. The learners spend every day 10 minutes practicing focusing during a meditation session. Thankfully the weather has been nice enough that most days, we can be outside.

Mid-week saw us head to our new park for some focused exploration and a great game of wiffleball. The learners split into teams and discussed the rules they would play by. The final score is probably a good question for them, but it was close!

Civilization generated some great conversations and discussions focused on the agricultural revolution. A video attached to the pictures album will show you what a typical “civ circle” looks like.

Finally, the learners spent a reasonable amount of time working and preparing for their end-of-session exhibition. Everyone is excited and eager to share their writings, jokes, and hard work from the session.

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