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Journey: Session 1, Week 6

Our Falcons are taking another step in creating their learner-driven studio by leading morning launches and closing groups. It is not an easy task, and part of them was not happy with the outcome of their efforts. However, this is all part of the learning curve, and as you know, failure is an essential part of being a Falcon in AABC.

During Genre, the Falcons continue working on their friendship strategy, receiving cool and warm feedback from their studio mates, and improving their drafts.

In civilization, the topic of Expansion and Interconnection was deeply explored when the learners researched why civilization expanded in the past. Following their research, the learners had a Socratic discussion with this interesting question:

As the leader of a country with high population growth, would you:

  • Limit the number of children per family as China did;

  • Build city walls and restrict entrance

  • Use your growing population as a source of cheap labor to attract foreign investors, giving your people jobs and food.

During the week, Journey’s guide took sick leave and was absent for two days. The Falcons chose to take the lead on their schedule and learning goals and work most of the day without a guide. This experience was a great practice of growth and leadership, and the Falcons learned a lot through reflecting on their performance in those days.

The week ended in a perfect Hogwarts day with fun activities and a fascinating Quidditch tournament.

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