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Journey: Session 1, Week 6

We opened the week with the second half of the interview-athon! Three brave learners interviewed a fashion photographer, a formal school principal, and a sales director on Snapchat with creative questions while practicing all the skills they learned throughout the session. During the rest of the week, all the Flacons worked hard on transcribing their interviews and started creating their interview story.

For Quest, the Flacons focused on planning and filming their talent shows. They worked with their squad to create a product that would showcase their conversational skills and be engaging and fun to watch. We can not wait to see their final products next week.

On Thursday, we all went on an expedition in NYC! We took the bus (that was surprisingly very comfortable!) and walked to the MOMA. We visited the three exhibitions the learners chose ahead of time. It was beautiful to watch the Falcons explore this magnificent place and hear their unique thoughts and wonders about the different art pieces.

On Wednesday, we had a morning launch about the first impression. We watched this famous scene, and the learners debated what they agreed with more The interviewee was too under prepared, or The interviewer was too harsh. The questions that raised a great discussion were Overall, how can you best captivate someone with a first impression: Kindness, Humor, Confidence, or Something else?

For Civ, the learners learned about Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. The question they debated was:

Imagine you were Martin Luther in 1517. You have just finished writing your 95 Theses, arguing individuals should be allowed to read the scriptures without a priest and forgiveness of sins should not be sold by the church. Knowing that the Church will see your opinions as heresy, do you:

  • Publicly spread your opinions by nailing your 95 Theses to the doors of local churches – knowing far more people will see your protest more quickly but risking being burned at the stake or

  • Quietly spread the word in a more ambiguous language – reducing the risk to yourself and trusting that God will spread the Truth when He is ready.

Next week Journey Falcons will host their first exhibition, and we can not wait to see you all!

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