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Journey: Session 1, Week 6

This week in Journey, we had a field trip to Teveland Sanctuary Farm, exhibition preparation, and Halloween planning.

In Quest, we made our exhibition displays. We made paper versions before beginning our actual copies to receive and give feedback. We then put our work from the last few weeks on the tri-folds and decorated them to be attention-catching and organized.

In Genre, we put together all of our behavioral economics write-ups. We gave this to our partners for them to critique for a total of 30 minutes to make sure all errors were spotted. After this, we revised our writeups and printed them out to place on our exhibition tri-folds.

For our Civilization challenge this week, we learned about John D. Rockefeller. This included his success, his critiqued ethics, and his philanthropy. One of the questions we discussed was:

Why was John D. Rockefeller such a tremendous success? Please explain and bring evidence. Was it because of his Family background, Work ethic, Character, Willingness to take risks, Near-death experience and faith, or Luck

With Halloween approaching, we are starting to plan a Halloween party! Everyone was eager to be a part of either of the planning committees. Since we could only select four people from Journey for each committee, we spun a wheel to decide on the members. We have decoration and activity committees, which we also do with Discovery and Sparks.

On Forest Day at Alpine Scouts Camp, we cooked at the campfire again, lit with sticks, cardboard, and matches. We also had free time in the field and ship and a hike.

We had a Field Trip to Teveland Sanctuary on Wednesday! We met the rescue animals. We saw horses, donkeys, rabbits, guinea pigs, pigs, cows, alpacas, and more amazing animals.

Next week is the last week of the session, when we will have our exhibition. We hope to see you then!

Written by Journey learner


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