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Journey: Session 5, Week 2

Hello everyone, and welcome to week 2 of session 5! 

During this week’s Genre, we focused on narrowing down and finding potential apprenticeships. We made a list of professions and businesses near us or ones that we were very interested in. We also brainstormed with at least 15 people, be it distant family friends or people who are more familiar with us and know our talents, who could connect us to a good apprenticeship. 

As for Quest, we have prepared our website. We looked at business sites whose ideas for products and services were similar to our own. We put ourselves in the customer's shoes when looking at our vision for our website. Would we like it? Would we buy something from it? If we did not like it that much, we would try to think of a few things to change. 

Finally, the Children's Business Fair! Throughout this past week, we focused mainly on preparing our posters, products, prices, and more for the Business fair. We helped each other with making products, such as offering to make bracelets and critiquing magic tricks. Also, for our posters, we helped other learners decide what brand names had a nice ring to them and whether the design with the prices of our products looked good.

For team-building games, we played this particularly fun game: We had to make an obstacle course with whatever we had in the studio. We put chairs, pillows, a journey learner’s crutches (she allowed us to take them, don’t worry), and a big table, which we made into a game of “The floor is lava.” Everyone was very determined to get on the other side without touching the ground.

That is all for this week's newsletter. Stay informed for the next one!

Written by a Discovery learner

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