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Journey: Session 2, Week 1

Congratulations on another successful week, Falcons and Falcon families. We started the second session strong, primarily focusing on our new Quest and Genre. The learners are researching and creating their speeches based on historical inspiration. At the same time, they are making a travel plan with detailed itineraries for a destination of their choice.

The Genre saw the learners start researching historical speeches. Focusing on ethos, logos, and pathos, we got to discuss different forms of persuasion in a speech. Falcons had to choose their style and technique for how they would win over the audience.

Quest got the falcons focusing on Travel, experiences, and destinations around the world. Some examples the learners started to focus on were Hawaii, Machu Pichu, Bali, upstate New York, and many more. They will go on to create detailed activity lists, forms of transportation, and accommodations.

With the temperature getting a little colder, the learners have opted to move into the woods for our daily meditation. Using the trees as a little added protection, all the Falcons have taken a few minutes each day to collect their thoughts and focus on the afternoon tasks.

The final topic has been exciting, with a lot of buzz around the whole school. At the end of the session, all participating learners will take place in a talent show! They will get to show off whatever talents they have.

The second session has started with a positive attitude and an improved work ethic. I hope everyone can enjoy their weekend and see you all soon!


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