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Journey: Session 2, Week 1

The second session is here, and Journey Falcons are on track!

We opened this session with a festive Land-of-Stories celebration. We had a costume parade, stations like fruit carving and pumpkin decoration, a massive tournament of capture the flag, and a movie with popcorn to end the day. It was fun, and even more importantly, it brought us close together as a school. Make sure to check the photos from this day 🙂

The physics quest started on Tuesday with a build-your-car race. The Falcons had about one hour to build the best car they could have made from different materials, trying to get it going as far as possible after starting on a ramp. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the learners explored basic principles in Physics like force, energy, velocity, and Newton’s laws. They created mini-demonstrations to show their understanding of these concepts.

For Genre, we have Hero’s Allegory this session. The Falcons were excited to start the pre-drafting phase: learning what allegory is, developing their character, and thinking about their inciting Incident. They finished the week by writing a short description of the beginning of the story using the Pixar prompts:

  • Once upon a time, there was a young girl (or boy) who usually ___ (trapped in the ordinary world.)

  • Then one-day _____happened and

  • The Would-be Hero heard a call _________. and refused it by _______

For Civ, the Falcons explored the Spanish Armada and debated the question:

You are Philip II of Spain and have assembled one of the most powerful armadas in the history of naval warfare to defeat your nemesis, England. Just as your Armada is set to sail, your brilliant, undefeated admiral, Álvaro de Bazán y Guzmán, dies. Do you:

  • Launch the armada anyway and place the Duke of Medina Sidonia, a respected but inferior army general, in charge of the fleet, believing that your armada is so overwhelming that the general cannot help but be victorious, or

  • Wait until you have found another brilliant admiral, keeping your standards of excellence but allowing the English more time to prepare for battle.

This session only started, and we can not wait to see the beautiful projects the Falcons will create! See you next week.

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