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Journey: Session 2, Week 2

One of our week's launches was dedicated to the famous Sir Isaac Newton. We watched a video about Newton’s life and discussed different aspects of it using Socratic questions. Another launch was about the Allegory of the Cave. The learners debated whether to leave the cave, knowing they would not see their families and friends but would live authentic lives, or stay in the cave, sacrificing the actual world outside for the cave’s world they are familiar with.

Quest this week was all about Levers and Pulies. The learners researched and learned how levers and pulleys work and then built their versions. A big chunk of the week was dedicated to solving seesaw balancing mathematical problems, and the Falcons were able to integrate their high-level math knowledge with Quest. Check the weekly pictures to see what they built.

For Genre, the Falcons created their villains: Resistance, Victimhood, and Distraction. They put a lot of time and effort into learning more about these monsters' characteristics and how to overcome them in real life, and they then took this knowledge and incorporated it into their stories.

This week, we had a fascinating hero’s visit given by Hilla Medalia. Hila is a Peabody-winning, Emmy-nominated director/producer. She is the founder of award-winning Medalia Productions, whose films have been commissioned by MTV, HBO, Arte, Netflix, Paramount, and BBC and screened at the Venice Biennale, Cannes, Berlinale, and Sundance, among others. She shared her hero’s journey with the learners and answered all their questions about the film industry and her career path.

For Civ, the Falcons learned about the “Tulip Mania” and discussed how this story is similar and different from other financial bubbles we have today. They had a lively discussion about this question:

Today, many people trade stocks and other investments as their full-time activity. Some argue these individuals add little value to society – do you agree or disagree, and why?


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