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Journey: Session 2, Week 6

Journey Falcons got a budget and planned their own field trip for the first time ever. It took multiple discussions and many dead ends to devise the idea executed on Tuesday: visiting High Exposure! The learners spent three hours running, climbing, jumping, competing, and having so much fun together, and they even saved some of the original budgets for next time! It is inspiring to watch them grow closer as a tribe and be able to bring their ideas to life.

For Quest this week, the Falcons explored different types of launchers and how they work from a physics perspective. They built a catapult in pairs and tested it multiple times to determine how fast their object was moving. On Friday, the couples compete to launch the famous Ms. Egg into a cup two feet from their launcher. Check the weekly photos to see their work in progress.

Genre, this week was all about revisions. After getting three critiques from different peers, the Falcons sat down to improve their stories and make them more exciting, engaging and grammatically correct :) The Falcons are close to the final versions of their allegory, and we can’t wait for you to hear it next week at the exhibition!

We had two fascinating topics for civ: the Salem Witch trials and Immanuel Kant. Here is one of the questions you can discuss with your child at home: To save themselves, many people falsely accused others of “bewitching” them, leading to the death of those they accused. Was this right? Why or why not?


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