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Journey: Session 3, Week 2

Wow, we are already two weeks into learning about the American Revolution! This week we learned more about persuasive letters and refining our pitches to be approved this Thursday!

At the beginning of the week, the Falcons created their version of colonial flags and a song about the revolution. Check the weekly photos to see some of their beautiful projects. Toward the end of the week, the Falcons had to Escape the room, solving riddles and puzzles about the revolution! They worked hard and enjoyed this mission a lot!

For Genre, we focused on Persuasive letters and Deep Books. The Falcons wrote their drafts for the letters to be refined later in the week, and Deep Book Pitches shared with the studio to get approved. Aspirationally I saw everyone taking on challenges and striving to work harder b choosing a more difficult Deep Book.

Excitingly we celebrated Mia’s birthday by heading to Mollicone park. We had cake and played both captures the flag and kickball. Everyone had tons of fun playing games; it was a great team-building game! We also had a great time with Ava A’s birthday Kahoot, testing our knowledge of her. Everyone was in a competitive but friendly mood as her best friends blew it out of the park!

In Civ, we discussed sanitation and food preservation as part of the industrial revolution. The learners had a fascinating discussion about this question:

Do you believe some animals deserve better treatment than others? If so, rank the following livestock in terms of the treatment they deserve:

  • Cows

  • Chickens

  • Pigs

  • Goats

  • Horses

Everyone loves our discussions this week, and I hope next week is just as fun!

Written by a Journey learner

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