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Journey: Session 3, Week 4

This week we were treated to a launch by Soraya! It was focused on how we are affected by others' perceptions of us and how we would act if we didn’t care what others thought, even asking us how we could help reduce the negative impact it can have on us. Everyone had very interesting thoughts and answers as they discussed this topic, thank you Soraya!

Journey Learners started their second persuasive letter for Genre. Going through their choice of date, sender, recipient, and reason for writing. Spending the rest of the week reading their deep books and writing their first rough drafts of the letters!

In Quest we had a few fun challenges, consisting of, an interesting discussion on the founding fathers, making secret letters to be decoded, only to actually decode them the next day, and research on the first spy ring named the Culper Ring.

In Civ we discussed The Declaration of Independence and whether we would sign if it meant war, or whether or not the Declaration was fair if not everyone had their rights secured. We also discussed the Natural law in which it claimed that everyone should be equal and able to pursue “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. The question I found interesting is the one below:

You are a Pennsylvania farmer and a member of the Second Continental Congress. You are considering signing the Declaration of Independence because the English crown imposes high taxes and makes decisions that benefit London more than Philadelphia. Do you:

  1. Sign the Declaration of Independence so that the former colonies can control their destinies while knowing that such a declaration means a bloody war, or

  2. Suppress your resentments and oppose a Declaration of Independence to avoid war, even if that means giving up an opportunity to control Pennsylvania’s destiny

I hope everyone had a great week as I know we had a blast, have a great weekend so we can have more great weeks like this!

Written by a Journey learner

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