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Journey: Session 3, Week 5

Art Quest came in quick with ink and pens. We learned how to use pen and ink to create different shade variations. Our challenge was to shade and add value to geometrical shapes with ink wash. Finally, we took the time to draw our dream car, with a background and everything we imagined.

Trial Quest this week started interesting. We were given one of the most complex challenges this week. In Art of Questioning: Part 3, we researched different words and made our definitions more easily understood. We then met up with our trial team and edited the schedule for the Mock Trial (that will take place next week!). Finally, we made note cards for the trial with our main points.

The genre was great this week. We gave each other critiques, and then after finalizing our myth, we shared. All the learners got two votes on who’s myth they wanted to be presented in the exhibition.

This week’s Civ questions were:

  • What is reality? Is it the material world we can touch and see, or is it more about ideas and the spiritual world?

  • How do we know what is true? Does this come from the senses or the mind?

  • How should we behave? Should we do what pleases us, or is life an epic battle between good and evil?

  • What is beauty, and where does it come from? Does true beauty come from nature or man's imagination?

Soraya presented an intera grippingilemma launch. After watching a video about 4Ocean, (An ocean cleaning organization), Soraya proposed a couple of questions, for example: Do you think that you can do something to help clean up the ocean? If so, what can you do?

Finally, this week we had a Hero’s Visit!!! Linda Strauss (An actual civil attorney) came in, and after sharing her story, we all got to ask questions. She explained how to become an attorney, what she does, and even some executed cases. Overall, everybody learned a lot, and it was fascinating to understand what goes on in an actual courtroom.

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