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Journey: Session 3, Week 6

This week in Quest, we focused on finishing things up. We got our arguments greenlighted, and finally, we had our mock trials on Tuesday! We all shared and presented our trials and then voted on the one that interested us most. Finally, we got our Quest badge approved and submitted it.

For Art Quest, we had two challenges. The first was an optional one but was super fun. We were challenged to use the art skills we learned throughout the session to make a cover and maybe even pictures for our myth. We were then challenged to create our landscape from imagination or real-life things.

On Tuesday, Carson led an inspiring-hero launch about Tom Woodruff Jr (A professorial actor). After showing a one-minute video, he asked us: What if you had a passion, but you could tell that everyone thought you were crazy for wanting it. Would you,

  1. Give up

  2. Ignore them and keep going

  3. Explain to them that it is your passion.

  4. Something else

After waiting for a very long time, the anticipation was over. Tally and the rest of TevaLand came with tons of animals to pet and meet. After a quick explanation of the rules, Discovery and Journey were split into groups. TevaLand brought multiple new animals such as a goat, a chinchilla, and even their biggest bunny. Everybody had so much fun, and after petting all the animals, we got TevaLand bracelets to mark us as part of the team.

Finally, we had the exhibition! We executed the trial perfectly, and the parents voted toward Socaretes being innocent. Carson then shared his myth, and we all showed our art, which included landscapes, cars, and more. Finally, Katelyn shared her Deep Book Pitch, and for the grand finale, she and Aleks presented the dance they had been working on for several weeks.

I hope you have had a great session, and we are looking forward to seeing you in the next session with new a Quest, Genre, Civ, and even Poetry as a special. Have a great break!

Written by: Shahar Leshem

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