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Journey: Session 3, Week 6

Hello everyone, welcome to the last week of the session! This was a great end of the session, and everyone had heaps of fun, even if they were working so hard!

For Genre, this week, the Falcons worked on finishing their persuasive letters for good. Learners checked that they had met all the requirements and put their best work out there, finally getting them greenlit. They also got feedback on their deep book reviews so that they can use this to make their next deep book even better!

In Quest, most of this week was spent practicing the play and creating the props that turned out amazing. The props each fit the scenes and aided in their practice throughout the week since they had something physical to work with each time they rehearsed. Overall they spent a reasonable amount of time on their lines and perfected them!

Civ was about the constitution this week, wrapping up everything we have learned about America’s history in this session. This week's questions varied from the perspective of an anti-federalist to a rich white man. One question I found interesting was:

Imagine you are an average rich, white, educated male delegate to the Constitutional Convention. Do you:

  1. Primarily protect the interests of your class by creating a strong centralized federal government, even though you initially rebelled to prevent tyranny by elites, or

  2. Fight to strengthen the power of ordinary individuals even if that results in a less stable government and fewer personal advantages for you.

Learners put in lots of effort in planning the exhibition, and it showed! Everything went smoothly, and the activities were engaging. I think this was the best exhibition yet, so I hope everyone enjoyed it!

This session has been very educational, following American history and covering all essential tasks. I hope everyone has a fantastic break to charge up for the next session after these very active six weeks!

Written by a Journey learner

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