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Journey: Session 4, Week 2

This week for Genre, we started by exploring different resources and deciding if they are reliable. We explored the biography templet we will follow this session and read Thomas Edison's two biographies to understand better how excellent biography should look. We then started writing the first part of our rough draft, including our hero’s early life, education, and then finally, their breakthrough and discovery.

Quest this week took the stage with one cell swoop. Team Cell, Animal, and Biosphere all got a secret cell assigned to them. All of the teams could ask for hints on their cell throughout the week. Finally, on Friday, we all put on a silent play to explain our cell and see if the other team could get it. Except for that thrilling game, we were given videos and articles to answer questions such as: “What is an enzyme?” or “What is the difference between animal and plant cells?”. We also put the time into drawing a diagram of both our secret cell and a eukaryotic cell.

The exciting egg drop moved from last Friday to this Wednesday!. We were split into our running partner teams and tasked with building gadgets to keep our eggs safe. After dropping all the eggs in the contraptions, we moved to the egg toss.

For civ, we kept researching and discussing the Middle Ages, trying to answer the question: Were the Middle Ages the "Dark Ages"?

We had a fascinating discussion led by Ray. We watched a video about emotional connections to robots, and we discussed the question Should Robots have rights? If yes, what kind?

  1. Have rights similar to humans,

  2. Have rights similar to Animals,

  3. No rights, or

  4. Something else

While most people leaned toward the no rights side, it was a fascinating and conversive discussion.

Written by: Shahar Leshem


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