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Journey: Session 4, Week 4

Genre this week was exciting. Learners finished their drafts by adding ‘Hero Story or Tragedy’ and ‘Moral’ to their biographies. We took the time to set up a chart for who critiques who. We executed two of these critiques and revised our drafts based on feedback from the other learners.

The Quest started with each team making a plan for the experiment(s) they were going to do. We took the time to think about what would happen and what each team member would do. The next day we were given a live animal camera to understand what an animal does, and after the experience, we wrote down our three biggest lessons. On Wednesday, we played a fun animal game and then took a test to see what we knew. Finally, on Friday, we made the prototypes for our experiment so we could understand whether our ideas worked or not.

This week we did dissections!! After thoroughly planning what we needed to do and what each team member's role will be, we started. All of the learners were eager to do the owl pellets, so that was what we started with. We got a lump of the pellet and had to break it down, find the bones, and identify them. After we cleaned up, we moved on to the frogs. We all got the tools to dissect the real or fake frog (the learner’s choice) and were able to do so. Overall, everybody agreed it was a fun and educational experience.

This Civ we circled back to the Catholic Church with the question: Given the evidence, do you believe the rise of the Catholic Church was a positive or negative event for civilization?

On Tuesday we had a Hero’s Visit!! We all went on the bus and traveled to Pottery on the Palisades. We got to the studio and met Jennifer and Debbie, who had started the foundation, and two other ladies. They talked about their Hero’s Journey and how they came to what they have now. After explaining this, they defined different types of clay, machines, and glazes. We asked questions, and finally, they talked about the marketing aspect of their business and what they do for this.

I hope you have had a great week, and we are excited to see you at the next one!!

Written by: Shahar Leshem

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