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Journey: Session 4, Week 4

Greetings, everyone. I hope you've had a great week because ours has been very exciting. We got to go on a field trip to the Intrepid, an aircraft carrier used during multiple wars. Now it has been turned into an interactive museum very many fun activities that help you learn more about its history.

The Genre this week was based on critiques and revisions. A critique on Monday for our word choice, and then on Tuesday and Wednesday, we spent much time editing and rewriting our story to be more powerful. Then finally, on Thursday, we read our stories to three people to receive feedback on how we read. All of these challenges have been vital for our stories, and we can already see how amazing they will be!

In Quest, learners did many different things. They started by launching a frozen rocket with the chemical heating they experimented with last week, then on Tuesday, they neutralized fuels. Wednesday was dedicated to designing a space station plan so they may build it later, and finally, on Friday, Falcons made lists of materials they would need for the space station and what tasks each person would complete. We did so many things this week in Quest and are making real progress, and I am excited to see the results of the space station next week too!

Our Civ this week taught us about the Suez Canal and the Pacific Railway Act, both essential to America’s history. Then, In addition, we talked about the great strides we made in the medical field when it comes to comfortable and sterile medical procedures. A really interesting question we had was:

You are Johns Hopkins. It's 1873, and you are writing a letter to order the construction of a hospital in your name. This hospital will be your legacy. The last decision you need to make is in which area of research your hospital will specialize. Will it be pain management, blood, and bleeding, or infection and sterilization? Why?

I hope you have a fantastic weekend and better rest after such an eventful week because we still have plenty of work to do by the end of this session!

Written by a Journey learner

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