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Journey: Session 4, Week 5

Welcome back to a look into our week. We had a lot of fun at Pondside park for our learner-planned field trip this session. We got to play on the equipment, talk with each other, and enjoy some pizza! The time we spent together really brought the studio together, in my opinion, and we even got to save money for our next field trip.

Genre this week was critical for our story as we spent all week on critiques and revisions. Starting with a critique on our verb tense being consistent, our sentences being unique and varied, preposition sentences being used in moderation, and dialogue being accurate and flowing. These all helped our story feel natural and engaging to those reading. Our second critique helped hit it on the nail by removing any errors that may draw the readers' attention. We covered comma rules being followed, punctuation within dialogue and quotation, sentence fragments being removed, and correcting any commonly confused words (i.e., effect vs. affect). Our stories have come together to our final piece; I am so excited to finally hear all the beautiful stories everyone has been concocting all this time.

Quest was equally exciting as we got to see everyone create their space stations! Every day they worked so hard to finish each section of the station in time for the next week's exhibition. Each part's detail is incredible and attests to the effort everyone has put into making them. In addition, on Thursday, learners also took part in naming their space station and rocket insignias alongside a crew patch! The falcons did a great job and were very creative this week!

During Civ on Tuesday, we learned all about Nikola Tesla and Thomas Eddison during their clash of currents and the batteries made during the time. Our topic on Thursday was Louis Pasteur and all the advancements he made in history for vaccines and pasteurization. We discussed the exciting question:

Medicine has advanced dramatically since Pasteur’s time, but so have the costs. Is free access to healthcare a universal right, meaning everyone should have access to healthcare no matter how much money they have?

This week was fun, and we saw our hard work come together. I am so excited about next week, and I hope you all rest well.

Written by a Journey learner

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