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Journey: Session 4, Week 6

Our final week of this session was fantastic! Our hard work was on display during the exhibition, led by our hosts Colin, Ava G, and Brenden. The sci-fi stories were eloquent, the presentations excellent, and the launches exciting! I feel this was our best exhibition this year, and I hope the next session is just as successful!

Our Genre this week consisted of practice for reading our story aloud and greenlighting our final drafts for submission. On Monday, we reviewed our story to see if it met the greenlighting criteria. Then we had to share our story with two learners, either Discovery or Journey. On Tuesday, we went around reading everyone’s stories, and this is where we got to decide whether the story met the criteria previously mentioned. If your story was rejected, you worked with a learner who got approved, making changes so the story would be greenlit.

On Monday, Quest learners had to create an in-depth presentation about their space station and rocket, ranging from a tour of all the rooms to cost and performance stats. Then on Tuesday, they had a brief opportunity to refine the presentation based on feedback they had received the previous day.

During Civ, we learned all about Theodore Roosevelt and his interventions for the economy, in addition to coal and iron, and the effects they had on building, weapons, and agriculture. The question that piqued my interest the most was: Are some corporations good and others evil, or are they all the same and simply exist to make money? Why?

This session was a blast, and I’m eager to see what the next session has in stock. I hope to see you all next session, so rest up!


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