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Journey: Session 5, Week 2

Session 5, Week 2 complete!

This week the Falcons started learning how to save appropriately and got a chance to plan their future careers. They were assigned to make a spreadsheet and track a category of expenses. On Monday, the Falcons were introduced to spreadsheets; People picked a category, for example, Desserts, Endangered Animals, Etc. They had to make a formula that they researched, which the learners found very informative. Some learners decided to try to track their food expenses and goals to help them save even more money. We took a fun test that determined our future jobs, and we got to research the salary and reflect on how we thought it related to us falcons.

Our Genre this week was entertaining and achievable! The Falcons researched and learned about Inductive and Deductive reasoning, Pathos, Ethos, and Logos. We also had a successful Parents Panel with Debra Angilletta, Anat Jackson, Valerie Gershenhorn, James Ochman, and Bridget Guzman in the studio. The Falcons asked questions on personal finance and answered with some good answers. Thank you so much to all the parents who spent their time supporting our financial journey!

On Tuesday’s Civ, the Falcons discussed how oil was discovered in the Middle East. Through the questions, the Falcons explored whether this change was good or bad in their eyes. On Thursday, they spoke of the Henry Fords Model T's discovery and how it benefited others. One of the questions I thought spoke to me was.

Would you prefer to work for Henry Ford before the assembly line:

  • Making $2.50 a day for a variety of tasks

  • Making $5 a day doing the same thing over and over again?


This week for PD, The Falcons kept on with their goals, and during Passion Time, Many learners kept their flow. They continued working on Piano and Art, and our Falcons Soraya Gershenhorn and Aleks Asayag are progressing with the yearbook!

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