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Journey: Session 5, Week 3

One their week of the session, for Writer’s Workshop some Discovery learners worked on receiving feedback for the first video while others started working on their second video. For the feedback, the learners must find a partner to give them warm and cool feedback on the content, filming, and editing. Some questions the learners considered are, “Was something missing or not needed? and “Were the sound effects fitting and exciting?”

During Quest, the Falcons had the challenge of calculating a month’s worth of bank statements and sorting them based on what type of expenses they were. For example, the learners might find the expense of a “phone bill” and they had to figure out what type of expense it was. These were either from their own family, or Ray’s own! In addition, they were to create a bar graph on a posterboard with the expenses, add color and reflect on what they saw. Which expenses did your family spend the most money on? Which one did they spend the least on?

For CIV, some learners continued working on their research about Mayan and Aztecs. After their second challenge, the learners are to make an infographic on the topic they chose and a famous artifact that is related to that topic. For example, if a learner chose to research Mayan Literature they research codices as their artifact. After their infographic, they get to create their own codex book using Mayan glyphs.

Written by: Ariel Shrub

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