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Journey: Session 5, Week 4

Week 4 is over, and the Falcons in Journey Studio are working harder than ever!

For Medical Biology Quest, each learner was assigned a disease to learn about and create a "patient story" based on their researched information. They had to write the background story of their patient, decide which symptoms their patient would have, and what their test results would look like. On Thursday, the Falcons then played the doctor's role and tried to diagnose the different patients in the room.

The learners who chose E-ship for Genre worked on designing their business marketing materials this week. They created their poster, decided what their booths would look like, and reflected on different behavioral economics dilemmas.

The learners working on their Medical Fund pitches finished writing those this week and started writing down how they will use the money if they receive it.

For Civ, the learners discussed the following question:

Considering the year in which it was founded*, what was the greater invention:

· the Chinese invention of bombs and rockets,

· the European invention of cannons and guns, or

· the American invention of machine guns?

*Note: The learners had to research the year as part of the challenge.

On Tuesday, the learners had a wonderful field trip. First, they visited Lina's Optometry practice, where they heard about her hero's journey and learned about the medical aspects of eyes. Then they drove to Acton Verona, where some enjoyed free time outside while others joined the Verona Eagles in one of their Quest challenges: creating an assembly line for sandwiches.

Next week is packed with unique plans, including a CPR course and a field trip to an acupuncture practice.

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