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Journey: Session 5, Week 5

Week 5 was packed with adventure!

On Monday, the Falcons worked hard to obtain their CPR certification. They learned all about compressions, mouth-to-mouth breathing, and when to use them. After that, they learned how and when to use a defibrillator and practiced multiple times. The Falcons were excited to learn this vital life skill and asked many questions to make sure they could use this knowledge in the future.

The learners who chose E-ship for Genre this session dedicated this week to understanding the expenses and costs of their businesses. They wrote down all the materials they bought, their prices, how much money they would charge for them, and how much profit they anticipate making.

The Falcons who are working on their Medical Funding Pitch for Genre planned how to spend the money they hope to get for their research and critiqued their pitch for the last time to make sure it was their best work.

For Civ, the learners learned about the Muslim Empire. They researched to find out what positive contributions Islam has made to Western science, philosophy, and literature. They also tried to answer the question, “Have Muslim Empires had an overall positive or negative influence on the development of Western Civilization?”

On Thursday, the Falcons had an exciting day outdoors! The learners paid a visit to “Super Juice Nation” and chose a bowl of fruit or smoothie to go. Then they went to a park to spend an hour outside before heading to Tevaland. The learners had a magical two-hour visit to bond with so many dear creatures, including rescued horses, pigs, baby bunnies, alpacas, goats, and even baby chicks. The pictures from Tevaland will be shared soon.

The learners are looking forward to seeing you next Thursday at 2:15 PM at Journey’s fifth exhibition.

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