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Journey: Session 5, Week 5

Quest had a great and fun start this week; The Falcons got to learn about different haggle techniques and then practice them with a partner to test their haggling skills. The feedback they got really helped them for their Thursday Haggling Trip! Tuesday, Falcons learned all about how Inflation Works in daily life, which was another step into reality and understanding how money works in real life. Wednesday, The Falcons learned about Taxes with the game of “Tic tac Toe Taxes”. Another challenge was to start our “Game of Life prototype, where we got to write a story about ourselves in the future by age 25. On Thursday, Falcons finally got to go off campus and haggle outside of school and negotiate prices at different places, which was a great challenge for The Falcons.

This week for Genre, The Falcons went on different Websites to grammar check their debate statements and see how they can improve to make their arguments stronger. Tuesday, Most of The Falcons shared their debates in front of the whole studio and were given feedback to improve their performance. Wednesday, the Falcons watched videos on tips to make their opening and closing Statements in their debate more powerful and practiced with their opponent to get feedback on what to improve.

For Civ this week, we had two challenges on the topic of World War 1. On Tuesday, we discussed whether or not the industrial revolution had something to do with the war and about sacrifices made during World War 1. Thursday we debated the Battle Over oil and how it affected others and the choices we would’ve made if we were in the position of a soldier. A question I thought was interesting was:

What hurt Germany more by the end of World War: the collapse of the Ottoman Empire or being shut out of the oil fields in Persia? Why?

We had two fun Field trips this week! On Monday, the Falcons went to visit Chrissy (Brenden's mom) at her practice and to learn all about Chiropractic work and being a small business owner. Ava’s Angilleta Mom, Debra, organized a fun field trip to the Federal reserve In NY, which the Falcons thought taught them a lot about money for their future.

Written by a Journey learner

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