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Journey: Session 5, Week 6

Session six had come to an end. This week was all about getting ready for the exhibition and the Children's Business Fair.

On Monday, we saw a TED-X Talk by a learner from another Acton about being a sheepdog and what it means to be a sheepdog in the studio.

On Tuesday, Ava G led a launch about the different characteristics of a leader.

The Falcons who chose E-ship for Genre, spent most of their week creating a commercial for their product. Ask your child to show you the outcome!

The Falcons who chose the Medical Fund Pitch practiced saying the pitch in front of each other and being as ready as possible to share it at Exhibition.

For Medical Quest, the learners gathered more information about different diseases in order to get ready to diagnose mock patients during the exhibition. They added the relevant tests and test results to each disease and decided each team member's role. They also created a speech for their display and practiced saying it together.

This week required a lot of teamwork, and it was exciting to see the tribe rise to the challenge.


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