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Journey: Session 5, Week 6

Last week of Session 5!

This week for Quest, the Falcons worked hard to create Tri-fold posters sharing all the knowledge they gained throughout the session: their insurance, the monthly cost of living, their car and how they would purchase it, and more. On Tuesday The Falcons got to give and get critiques to other Falcons to ensure the posters have all the information needed. After the successful exhibition, they worked hard to compile their Quest badges and reflected to rate the Quest on how fun it was and how much they learned from it.

For Genre this week, The Falcons started by revising their latest Critique to be able to make their statements withhold the strongest points. The Falcons edited their debate to be able to persuade the Parents. On Tuesday, the Falcons Greenlighted each other’s Debates to ensure they met all the requirements. Falcons who weren't greenlighted got help from Other Falcons to edit their debate to the requirements. After Greenlighting, the falcons got into two groups and filmed their debates. Falcons then shared their video with another debate pair and gave the critique. On Thursday, Falcons compiled their badges and added every requirement, and got audited by another Falcon in their studio.

For Civ, the Falcons learned about “Total war” and discussed whether or not they thought World War l should be considered as such. On Wednesday, Falcons dived into the Russian Revolution and Vladimir Linen and debated whether he should be regarded as a hero or a villain.

Thank you so much for attending our exhibition! We hope you enjoyed it, and e are looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow at the children's business fair!

Written by a Journey learner

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