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Journey: Session 6, Week 1

Session 6 started with so many exciting projects!

The Quest for this session is Chemistry and Cooking. The Falcons started by learning Chemistry basics: what are Molecules? What are elements? What are the different types of mixtures? They watched videos, took some notes, and created models for molecules from clay. In addition, they started exploring the connection between Chemistry and Cooking and were introduced to the exciting world of Molecule Gastronomy. On Friday, The Falcons had their first cook-off challenge! They went to a real kitchen and competed with their squads to make the best omelet and mayo.

For Genre, the Falcons started the pre-draft work for their restaurant review. They sent you an email with some options for restaurants they want to visit. They also thought about the persona they wished to create for themselves as food critiques.

For Civ, the learners had two exciting topics: the war of 1812 and the history of the right to vote. One of the most compelling questions they discussed was:

Should each person in America, of any age and mental capacity, including undocumented immigrants, be allowed to vote with absolutely no identification? Why or why not?

For the morning launch on Thursday, the learners discussed the thought-provoking world of restaurant dilemmas. One of the more challenging questions was this one:

Imagine you are the restaurant owner of the finest high-class restaurant in town and have just been awarded another Michelin star - 90% of your customers where a suit and tie when dining and your waitstaff are all in tuxedoes. A man drives up in a nice car and has the valet park it. As he walks in, you notice he doesn’t have shoes on. Do you:

  • Welcome him to the restaurant and help him find a table,

  • Invite him to come back with shoes

  • Something else


In this session, the learners chose different areas to explore for their passion time. We had learners who spent two hours making yummy peanut butter cups and healthy smoothies, a learner working on a stop-motion animation video, and a Falcons exploring the world of felting. The Falcons can choose if they want to work on passion time in the studio or at home.

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