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Journey: Session 6, Week 2

Welcome back to the second week of the sixth session’s Journey newsletter! This week we embraced life even more by defining what we want in our lives.

In this week of Quest, we embraced life by learning and performing our own magic tricks. This challenge was meant to teach us that anything is possible as long as we practice and make an effort to improve. We also created our own vision boards for ourselves. We wrote down ten goals we wanted to achieve, trying to make them as clear and detailed as possible, and put them in a place where we could look at them every day. As long as you have a vision, anything is possible. This week we also learned about techniques for prolonging life. Cryonics, the process of freezing a dead person in the hopes of unfreezing them years later, can help to bring humans back to life. No one wants to die, and people have come up with ways to bypass that.

In Genre this week, we read poems such as O Captain! My Captain!, Do not go gentle into that good night, Death is nothing at all, and For whom the bell tolls. Each of the poems talks about life and death in different forms: How life is something you should fight for or how death is truly nothing at all. We reflected on the poems and copied them into our poem journals. Pretty soon, we will start to write our own poems.

The first Civ this week was focused on the Greek and Christian Traditions. Both the Greeks and Christians were cautious with their money, both making and lending money. We were asked questions about our opinions on money and how we would go about making money-related decisions. The second Civ this week compared two different views. Voltaire vs. Rosseau, Abundance vs. Equality. Rousseau believed that man was born pure and good, and civilization was where corruption stemmed from. Voltaire believed that through knowledge and rational thought, humans would be able to create a better life for themselves. In this discussion, we were asked which view we supported more and whether or not we agreed with certain points on the topic.

This week, we had a very important person visit us. Her name is Mona, and she is a 93-year-old Holocaust survivor who came to talk to us about her experiences in the Holocaust and how she embraces her life on a day-to-day basis. We all prepared questions for her, so we could understand her life better. She also told us about how we need to ensure our air and food are healthy and good for us, and she predicted the smoke in the air before anyone knew what she was talking about!

Overall, this was a very interesting and informative second week of our sixth session. Thanks for reading!

Written by a Journey learner

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