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Journey: Session 6, Week 3

Quest this week was all about the Periodic table. On Monday, we had a launch about Dmitri Mendeleev: a Russian chemist and teacher who organized the known elements of the time into the periodic table. The Falcons were challenged to create cards with the information about the 40 most essential elements and then plan online or board games to practice and use their knowledge.

The learners started drafting their restaurant reviews for the genre this week. They wrote the hook and the closing, trying to spice it up so it would be more interesting to read. For Thursday morning Launch, the Falcons discussed Which element of food experiences are most challenging to describe in their review:

  • Taste/Flavor

  • Texture

  • Aroma/Smell

  • Temperature

  • Visual elements of food

For Civ on Tuesday, the Falcons got to know Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the United States. They debated the main question: Was Andrew Jackson a terrible President elected by an uneducated mob, or was he just what America needed to reduce government corruption? Take a firm stand and be sure to back it up with evidence.

For Civ on Thursday, the learners explored the Homestead Act of 1862. One of the questions they discussed was: Imagine You were a factory worker in Philadelphia in 1862. You and your family lead a modest life in an urban apartment. Are you going to quit your low-paying job to pack up your family for a 160-acre farm in Kansas? Why?

On Wednesday, the Journey studio participated in the Acton Olympics! Take a look at the weekly photos with your child to hear all about their heroic victory.

On Friday, the learners had their most complicated cooking challenge yet: to make bread, jam, butter, and cheese. The Falcons worked hard with their squad and learned many new skills along the way.

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