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Session 1, Week 4

The rainy weather didn’t stop the AABC learners this week! During Quest time on Monday the students created identity maps. These maps included things each student liked and vital parts of their personality. The learner’s had the choice of illustrating each piece or writing it out on their individual maps. They also had the opportunity to explore how shelters and housing have evolved over time. The student’s broke into pairs and designed a shelter and then constructed it using arts and crafts materials. This activity lead to a discussion about needs vs. wants. Next week the learner’s will begin exploring first aid and safety as a survival skill. On Friday they went into the woods to build tents brought by the families. This activity was difficult for many and lead to a conversation about the importance of failure and how it helps us grow.

During Core Skills, the student’s focused on setting daily goals for them to achieve. Each day they set goals and provide feedback for one another on the goals that have been set. They also enjoyed Yoga this week and worked on building structures with LEGO’s during Robotics. They concluded the week with a proposed plan for the party they earned and a board game time. The students are eagerly looking forward to their next field trip in the coming days.

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