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Sparks: Session 1, Week 1

Greeting Sparks Families!

Welcome back to AABC, we hope that your summers were filled with amazing moments that you can cherish forever.

We are so excited to be back to school with our learners. Our first week of school was jam-packed with great games and challenges.

The learners had an opportunity to do icebreakers for our morning launches.

They played games like four corners and duck, duck, goose so that they could become familiar with each other. Many learners have relayed that they had fun and made new friends.

Nolan will be leading our Art Special for this session, the learners made creative name tags. We can't wait to see all the amazing creations that will come out of this time.

Our quest for the first session is Build a Tribe because at the beginning of every year we intentionally take time out to create bonds with each other. When the tribe is built on a strong foundation, it helps the learners feel free to express themselves, confident to explore their learning, and brave to be individuals.

During our closing group, the learners had a discussion about a school with no rules. Many of them expressed that they would rather have a school with rules because it gave them room to have fun and be safe. We had another discussion about the differences between being a tribe and having friends. It was a great discussion and then they took the challenge to do a social hour where they interacted with each other to learn cool stories and their favorite things.

We hope you have a great weekend!

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