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Sparks: Session 1, Week 1

Welcome! Welcome to our new families and veteran ones. We are so excited to have you with us, and we can’t wait to start our hero’s journey together.

The first days in the Sparks studio started with a great smile. The learners came in very exciting and curious, ready to see what this new adventure would look like. Each learner found their cubby and started to wander around, exploring the many new things the studio had to offer.

This week’s focus was on building the tribe. We played lots of games together: I spy, Simon says, musical chairs, duck, duck goose, I’m Thinking of Something, and even a scavengers hunt. The giggles and joy were spreading all over the studio.

The 2 Sparks studios, each with a different purpose, were introduced.

“Sparks Core”- having all the Montessori materials for the learners to use. Using those tools, each learner will work at their own pace on reading, writing, and math. The veteran learners were the ones to introduce the materials and work areas to the new learners.

“Sparks Play”- All the different options for free play. Blocks, magentiles, board games, puzzles…

Every day, each learner will have time for both “Sparks Core” and “Sparks Play.”

Another exciting part of the day is outdoor free time. In the Sparks outdoor play area, there are lots of materials for unstructured play. For the learners to set their imagination free and create beautiful things to play with, milk crates, wood slices and wooden balls, poles of bamboo, pebbles, and much more. Our visit to the Farrell woods near our school was enjoyable, with the learners exploring and enjoying this piece of nature.

In-studio maintenance, the learners decide what they want to do- vacuuming, cleaning the desks, putting all the materials back into their shelves… It was beautiful teamwork!

We are looking forward to our first whole week together next week and wish you all a wonderful weekend.

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