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Sparks: Session 6, Week 6

Congratulations to Niko, Kalina, Paloma, Yahli, Cora, and Zoey for graduating and moving up to Discovery!

We are sad to announce that our school year is ending this week. The Sparks enjoyed a week jam-packed with memorable activities.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sparks participated in our “Final Moments” activity. Sparks discussed different ways to say goodbye to someone. They went on to create their photo collages with pictures taken throughout the school year and reminisced about their favorite memories.

Wednesday was another special day. Sparks discussed the importance of closure and why we say goodbye to people or places. They received “end of the year” booklets to be signed by other learners within Spark’s studio and throughout Acton.

On Thursday morning, the learners shared the reasons they are proud of themselves and gave empowering and kind words to the Falcons moving up to Discovery. Thursday afternoon was our wonderful and fantastic exhibition. It was a special exhibition, with a beautiful song from the Sparks.

We began our last Friday a little differently; Sparks discussed difficult issues they came across this school year. They went on to write these challenges on a paper and witnessed their issues dissolve and disappear when their paper was placed in water. The learners enjoyed their last moments together on Friday afternoon at the park.

It was an incredible year of growth and learning in the Sparks studio. We are sad to see the older Sparks moving to Discovery but proud that they are ready to go. We will have the pleasure of seeing most of you next year, until that: Have a great summer!

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