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Sparks: Session 1, Week 2

At the beginning of this week, the learners came to the Studio all set to do so much work! Some of them have started to enjoy reading. When I turned around one time, after giving a lesson to a couple of learners, I saw six learners in the library reading books! Some of the learners who were a little shy on the first couple of days, have started being comfortable and learning to be with each other.

They were so serious about their responsibilities that the learners were often seen reminding other friends if there was anything that needed to be done. I was so amazed by their capabilities and the independence the adults so often tend to underestimate!

We went to the woods a couple of times this week, where the learners enjoyed working with the sticks/branches and the greenery felt so joyful and peaceful.

It’s easy to be anxious when a learner is upset. As a result, we may minimize learners' feelings or attempt to protect them from disappointment. In the long run, it is more productive to help learners identify and learn from their emotions. Just as Montessori materials help learners learn concepts and nomenclature, thoughts and feelings can be defined for our children. Here are some of the conversations that have been happening.

  • Listening to the learner when they talk, offering feedback such as: “Oh...”; “Mmm…”; “I see.”

  • Recognizing and naming their feelings: “You seem upset (or angry, or happy).…”

  • Answering questions with a question as a suggestion (or an acceptable choice) for them to come up with a thought.

  • Showing respect for the learners’ struggle: “I see that it’s hard for you to…”

  • Describing the dilemma the learner is facing: “Even though you know…” “The problem is…”

The learners have embarked on their journey to reading and writing - pictures are proof that the learners are enjoying reading (not just listening to stories, but even reading) by themselves for the entire two hours at a stretch!!

During indoor free time, the learners have been enjoying working with the Discovery learners and when outdoors, engrossed in enjoying getting dirty. All of these fine motor skills are so crucial for penmanship.

As the week progressed, we had learners becoming brave to accept and own their mistakes and work towards a better behavior for the next time!! That takes a lot of courage and boldness! This is a sign of a budding hero! And I cannot wait to see the events unfold as the year progresses.


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