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Sparks: Session 1, Week 3

This week had so many moments of concentration and compassion!

We welcomed the season of Fall (Autumn) by discovering the leaf which had all the colors of fall leaves in one leaf, in the woods. The learners have been enjoying the woods and the crates in the playground. They have used them to build houses, to climb the tree, learning to overcome their fears and worries, as an obstacle course and even relaxing on them! This week the Sparks learners joined the Discovery learners during play time indoors and they are enjoying this additional time with their siblings and older learners.

When one of the materials accidentally broke, and we were brainstorming to figure out a way to fix it, one of the learners chose to bring in wood glue to help out and we all got together and wrote a thank-you note to the parents.

We are also learning to take care of our own bodies - while the time in the Studio is getting to be busy by the day, we are learning that eating and drinking water is a way of taking care of ourselves in a timely manner. They are also learning to balance their time between working by themselves and working with friend(s).

The learners have also been taking so much pride in taking care of the Studio. They are learning to take care of themselves, their friends and the Montesssori materials as well. One can hear messages like, “be careful”, “not like that, let me show you how”

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