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Sparks: Session 1, Week 2

Good day Sparks’ Tribe and Family! Today marks the end of the second week in our first session. This week was packed full of learning and lots of challenging activities.

We began our Mastermind Monday with a discussion about the “Challenge Doughnut” (picture at bottom of newsletter) and learners talked about what “zone” they were in: panic zone, challenge zone, or comfort zone. For Quest, learners discussed the songs they would like to dance to for their Dance Video Competition.

For our Team Building Tuesday’s morning launch, Sparks imagined and discussed different scenarios about racing and team-work. They discussed what it means to work together and how they would deal with and help a squad member who may not want to participate. For physical education, Sparks joined in single person and team races. After the races, Sparks talked more about sportsmanship and different ways to work with each other when racing in teams.

For Worldwide Wednesday, Sparks took a walk around their environment (school) and observed their surroundings. Sparks came back to the studio to discuss their observations with each other. For Quest, Sparks finalized their music choice for their Dance Video Competition and discussed tribal agreements and rules they would like to put on the Sparks’ Contract.

On Hero’s Journey Thursday, Sparks watched a video on germination and prepared lima beans for germination. Afterwards, we went to our school garden and planted tulips, snapdragons, and cleomes.

Friday we began with a Sparks favorite: Fitness Fridays! Sparks discussed and created 10 exercises they would like to do for Fitness Fridays. After they came to an agreement on what exercises are acceptable, Sparks partnered up and worked-out for 5 minutes. After a week of hard work, Spark’s enjoyed their Friday afternoon with a walk to Memorial Park and spent their outdoor freetime there. We are excited for next week and can’t wait to see you all again!

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