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Sparks: Session 1, Week 3

It’s hard to believe that week 3 is behind us. The Sparks had a fun week full of activities.

The main purpose of Sparks studio is to lead the learners towards independence and self-driven learning. We are starting to implant words like “Mindset,” “Conflict resolution,” and “Hero’s Journey.” This is a fundamental part of the Acton way, and the Sparks are stepping their first steps in the Acton world.

We discussed our emotions during the morning circle and how we can agree to disagree with our friends and find a solution using conflict resolution. Although a guide is always present during conflict resolution of two learners, a third veteran learner leads the discussion, guiding the two learners toward an agreed solution.

This week, we’ve also started character callouts - “Yahli built the blocks with me, I call it being friendly” or “Vivienne helped clean up, I call it being helpful” or “I saw Omri working really hard on his painting, I call it- working hard”.... Sharing character callouts make the learners stop and think about their friends and appreciate them for their kindness, friendship, hard-working, creativity and much more.

The learners continue to work on their reading, writing, and math skills, using the Montessori materials in Sparks Core. In Sparks Play, the learners use their creativity and teamwork skills when playing various unstructured games. The new fantasy kingdom carpet drew much attention, and the learners are using their imaginations diving into a fantasy world.

We ended our week in the Memorial park near our school, when the learners enjoyed the outdoor play together.

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