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Sparks: Session 1, Week 3

We began our third week with intentionally setting our brains for focus and studying on our Mastermind Monday. Sparks watched a short video on facing your fears called “High Dive.” Sparks discussed their own fears and different ways to overcome them and other challenging moments. For art, Sparks made and designed their own recycling boxes that were made from recycled materials.

Tuesday’s morning launch focused on communication. Sparks talked about different ways people communicate like: body language and facial expressions. Tuesday’s special was Physical Education. Sparks discussed sportsmanship and what it means to be a “good sport.” They went on to play bowling and gaga-ball.

For Worldwide Wednesday, Sparks took an observation walk around their school and discussed the different things they observed. They were also asked if they noticed any changes from the things they say last week to what they saw this week.

On Thursday morning, for our Hero’s Journey launch, Sparks discussed the roots of a plant and connected it to their own life. Later on that day, Spark’s had “Reader’s Workshop” and read the story: Library Lion.

We began our Friday as we normally do with fitness challenges. Sparks set goals out for themselves and discussed what their goals were during the launch and if they met their goals or exceeded them. Sparks finished off their week with some free time at the park. See you all next week!

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