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Sparks: Session 1, Week 4

It was a fun week in the Sparks studio! The learners had so much fun dressing up each day based on the topic.

We discussed challenging ourselves to thrive and reach new goals during our morning circles, even if it seems complicated. On the other hand, what we feel when we don’t succeed or see someone else succeed in the same place we just failed. The learners had a deep discussion sharing their views and thoughts.

The discussion led us to build our integrity, good work ethic, respect, kindness, empathy, determination, resilience, and patience muscles.

During the Build the Tribe quest, we focused on each day’s theme: creating a popsicle person, paper plate animal faces, and even Superhero training: the learners lead one another (eyes closed) through a path, trusting each other.

During Sparks core, our learners started working on their writing skills. Each learner got their writing materials to practice with. They were very excited about that part, and some of them spent almost an hour working with their writing notebooks. The learners are diving deeper into their math learning using more Montessori materials in the studio. Our guides spend a lot of time working with the learners on the Montessori tools, showing them different ways to work with the materials and guiding them on new aspects.

The learners also started tracking their work which motivates them to work harder and see their progress.

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