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Sparks: Session 1, Week 4

Hello Sparks’ Tribe Families! As our week 4 comes to a close, the Sparks’ enjoyed a week of serious intentional focus.

On Mindset Monday Spark’s discussed fear and the different ways fear can hide itself (anger, sadness, anxiety, etc.). For art, Spark’s used their fingers to create amazing finger painting art.

We set off our Team Building Tuesday with D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) time and Sparks were able to choose a partner to read together with.

For Worldwide Wednesday Sparks discussed what it means to have a “prepared heart, prepared mind, and prepared space.” In the afternoon Sparks’ talked about creating a Studio Contract. The Sparks’ broke off into their squads and came up with rules and regulations for the studio that they would keep, change, and fix.

On our Hero’s Journey Thursday, Sparks talked about the symbiotic relationship between humans and plants and their leaves. Sparks’ had Reader’s Workshop and read the story The Paperback Princess. Spark’s continued to focus on “being focus” during their Core time.

For Fitness Friday, Spark’s had to choose a group of workouts to do and a number for the amount of times they wanted to do it. Sparks then reflected on their workouts by talking about if they “did not meet their goal, met their goal, or smashed their goal.”

We hope to see you all next week and we are wishing our Spark’s who missed out this week a speedy return!

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