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Sparks: Session 1, Week 5

On Tuesday, we introduced our very first badge plan to the Sparks learners - the Water badge to all of our learners. To ensure success, we started with four days. If the learners have completed drinking water 5 times a day for four days, they would earn a badge. And since the badge is learner-driven, there isn’t any guidance from the guide and self-inspiration is something they are learning to form. None of the learners have earned this badge yet.

The Sparks learners and Discovery learners planted more plants in our plant beds outdoors and challenged ourselves for gross motor skills. The learners have been working on their gross-motor skills not just outside, but inside too. They walk, jump, hop, skip and even balance a book on their hands while performing those tasks. They even carry materials to balance and work those balancing muscles. The time in the woods is also enjoyable. The learners found worms outdoors and they were having fun with them by taking great care of them and pretending that they are a family- there were dads, moms, brothers sisters, and baby worms They have also been enjoying the magnetic click boards which are close to their cubbies.

We are all still learning to be kind, courageous, curious, independent and working on our social skills. In Montessori, it is all about modelling and not just talking with them. If the adults show empathy, they learn to be empathetic. When we model kindness, they learn kindness. As Dr. Maria Montessori said, “What is social life if not the solving of social problems, behaving properly, and pursuing aims acceptable to all?”

On Friday, the learners chose for many learners to join together and to have a feast together during lunch time. They even invited the guide to join them. And the feast was a great way to celebrate our week together!

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