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Sparks: Session 1, Week 5

What an exciting day in Sparks studio: Today, the learners have signed their studio contract in a special ceremony! They have decided and voted on which promises will enter the contract based on their experience in the past weeks. The contract includes commitments like not being rude, not hitting, not talking over each other, not being distracting, not bringing toys from home, sitting quietly in circle time, and listening to each other. By having their studio contract, it’s their responsibility to hold each other accountable and take another step forward in their learner-driven community.

During building the tribe quest, the learners played fun games: copy-cat when the learners need to choose a leader to copy their moves and all the learners need to find out who is the leader, or scribble on a piece of paper and then give to a studio-mate to create an animal or creature from the random scribble. The learners are having lots of fun working as a team with different stuidio-mates in all those activities.

During morning circles, the learners have deep Socratic discussions on philosophical questions: Who will be in charge of their learning? Would they prefer to live forever or have as much money as they want?

DEAR time (drop everything and read) is a popular part of the week: The learners choose a book and dive between the pages to a new adventure. Sometimes the learners like to read by themselves and sometimes they would prefer to read together.

Badges were introduced to our learners this week. To earn a badge, a learner will have to earn 30 stickers on each topic. A learner will have to invest enough time daily to get a sticker for math, reading, and writing. Once the learner collects 30 stickers, they will earn a badge. The learners were very excited to make their first Honor Badge today for completing the contract task.


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