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Sparks: Session 1, Week 5

As our week 5 comes to an end, Sparks are excited for our Spirit Week next week!

We kicked off the week with Mindset Monday and focused on attitudes. Sparks discussed different types of attitudes we all have and talked about different ways to change their attitudes quickly. Sparks discovered that being able to change their attitudes quickly at any moment is a Super Power! For Art, Sparks explored the world of color and what emotions and feelings different colors evoke.

For Team Building Tuesdays Sparks watched a short video on “sore-winners” and “sore-losers.” Sparks discussed what it means to be a “sore-winner” and “sore-loser” and also shared kind words that they would say if someone was being a “sore-winner” or “sore-loser.” Sparks took extra time on Tuesday to continue working on the Sparks’ Studio Contract.

Because of the heavy rain during the morning of our Worldwide Wednesday, Sparks took an observation walk inside the school and discussed the things that saw. After Sparks Core, Sparks jumped right into D.E.A.R. with a focused mind and focused hearts.

On Hero’s Journey Thursdays Sparks had an amazing morning launch and watched a short video on flowers and plants budding and coming into full bloom. Sparks discussed where they felt like they individually are in their growing; and expressed if they are “budding, blooming, or blossoming.”

Sparks shot into our Fitness Friday with individual exercise goals for themselves. They took this energy and goal-creating right into Sparks Core; and created goals they would like to accomplish during Core.

Next week is AABC’s Spirit Week! We hope to see you all with your best outfits and hats! Have a great weekend!

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