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Sparks: Session 1, Week 6

What a wonderful ending to another great week at Sparks studio! Hogwarts day was a huge success. The learners were so happy to introduce their costumes in the morning and were excited that the “Sorting Debbie” directed them to their “House.” Each house finished three magic classes, including preparing wands, making a potion (slime), and decorating a wild egg in the Care of Magical Creatures. After that, the learners walked to the park and participated in a Quidditch tournament. Our sparks were courageous while playing with and against the discovery and journey learners.

In Build the Tribe Quest, the learners showed their creativity in pumpkin painting. New friendships are being discovered during board game time. Ask your child who they enjoyed playing with this week.

On our morning circle, we continued our socratic discussion by asking the learners different “would you rather” questions. Would you rather all the medicine in the world be free, or all the food will be free. We also talked about the difference between patience and holding each other accountable and when to use those two strategies.

This week we told the stories of Thomas Edison, Nicolas Vujicic, and Colonel Sanders: three heroes who didn’t give up even when the odds were against them.

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