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Sparks: Session 1, Week 6

Spirit week was a lot of fun in Sparks studio! Check out the photos to see all the different outfits the Falcons chose for Mania-Monday, Time-Travel-Tuesday, Wild-Animal-Wednesday, Super-Hero-Thursday, and Fun-Hat-Friday!

During the Monday morning launch, the learners discussed the outfits they wanted to wear for the week. The learners also addressed the change in the mindset they needed to prepare themselves to work during Sparks Core.

For our team building, we discussed the importance of being a leader. Part of the discussion was to learn the concept of choosing a leader. During Fitness Time Olympics, the learner had a great time in the relay race, frisbee toss, and long jump.

During the rest of the week, the learners explored our surroundings and nature, including a visit to the Closter’s Nature Center. The learners met Ms. Mark and had a wonderful time exploring a plant's life cycle, pollination, and the importance of sharing seeds in this world. The learners went on a hike, locating areas where new trees would be grown.

The learners are very excited about their first exhibition of the year next week. Hoping to see you all!

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