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Sparks: Session 1, Week 7

It’s hard to believe that our first session has come to an end.

This week, the learners prepared the exhibition and couldn’t wait for all of you to come and see their beautiful products. After the exhibition, the learners reflected and felt like the exhibition was their best work. They enjoyed leading it and planning for it.

During Sparks Core, we see the value of learning at your own pace: Every morning, the learners go and pick their work, eager to learn something new and figure out a new concept. Our older Sparks started using online platforms like Khan Academy, Lexia, Dreambox, and typing club.

During morning circles we read an inspirational book called The Magical Yet. We had an interesting discussion about how changing our mindset can inspire us to grow. Friday is always the tribe’s favorite; they began sharing fun facts that they have learned. This week one of the fun facts was that ice cream was once called cream ice.

On Build the Tribe quest, the learners began creating and decorating a banner that will be hanging in the studios.

The learners were able to receive 20 stars for the session. They got it by cleaning the studio diligently within 20 minutes for 20 days! Next sessions the learners will be challenging themselves to finish studio maintenance within 15 minutes.

Enjoy the break and see you at Session 2 :)

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