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Sparks: Session 1, Week 7

Our first session is sadly coming to an end. Sparks closed out the session with their exhibition and signing of their contract.

For our Mindset Monday, Sparks were given rubber bands of different sizes. Sparks then discussed how their Core time was going; was it stressful like a small tight rubberband? Was Sparks Core easy like a big and stretchy rubberband? Or in between? Sparks gave their answers and discussed why.

On our Team Building Tuesday Sparks watched a video version of the tortoise and the hare and talked about how they play to finish the last week of their session. Will they be like the tortoise and continue to push through all the way to the end of the session? Or will they be like the hare that took a break because they worked so hard during the session?

We began our Worldwide Wednesdays with our usual Sparks morning observation walk. Sparks used the rest of the day after Core to prepare for their Exhibition and did an amazing job welcoming Sparks’ families to our first exhibition of the year! Thanks to all the Sparks and their grand planning.

Thursday was our Hero’s Journey launch. Sparks watched a short video on composting and discussed why people compost. They also talked about how they felt about composting and if they would do it. After core, Sparks celebrated their successful exhibition from the day before by spending their outdoor free time at Memorial Field Park.

We started our Friday with a special launch; Sparks discussed how water holds energy and talked about the different ways water can move and be used. Sparks went on to think of kind words and their intentions for themselves and the next session and poured all their kind words and intentions into our studio “intentions bucket.” Session one is sadly coming to an end but we look forward to beginning session two and seeing you all again!

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