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Sparks: Session 2, Week 1

Hello everyone! This week we welcomed two new learners into our studio: Maya and Zoey. The learners were so warm and welcoming and were helping Zoey and Maya to get used to the routines in the Studio. It is so warm hearting to see the learners helping their peers and showing them how we work in the Studio and what needs to be done. They have internalized the expectations and routines of the Studio and are ready to pass the baton and guide them - being true leaders, if you will! The heroes of the future!

When the learners returned to the Studio after the first session’s break, they came in ready to dive into choosing some of the longer and harder work. We also introduced our very first badge plans for the Sparks’ learners. They have a choice of working on reading, writing, math, sensorial, practical life, and cultural areas. The badge plans also gave them an opportunity to track their own learning.

In order to earn a badge, the learners can choose one or more areas they would like to work on every day. They are able to earn a badge in each area every week.

Books we’ve read this week:

  • Talk and work it out

  • What if everybody thought that?

  • How to be a friend?

  • The all-together quilt

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