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Sparks: Session 2, Week 1

We began the first day of our second session with a “Land Of Stories” celebration. Some Sparks dressed up as their favorite characters from different stories and others dressed up in their own imaginative characters. We had a costume fashion show were learners across all studios participated and got to show off their amazing costumes. Sparks then chose what activity they wanted to be in: build your own house, create a story, fruit carving, pumpkin decorating, etc. Sparks really enjoyed our “Land Of Stories” day.

We kicked off our Team Building Tuesdays talking about the “Big Octopus” in Spark’s studio. The “Big Octopus” is what we call all the distractions that are in Sparks’ Studio. Sparks discussed all the distractions that are stopping them from focusing and came up with solutions to defeat the “Big Octopus” and all their distractions.

For our Worldwide Wednesday, we took a trip around the world and took a look at the different ancient cultures that used the number zero in their number systems and ancient cultures that did not use the number zero. Sparks went on to discuss what zero means and if it is important or not. Sparks enjoyed the afternoon with Discovery and Journey at Memorial Field Park.

Thursdays are still our Hero’s Journey Thursdays with a special focus on the Journey Of Fire. Sparks watched a short video on how man learned to make fire and how we grew and changed after learning how to manage fire. Sparks discussed which fire in themselves that they wanted to feed: the fire for love and friendship, the fire for focus and learning, or the fire for fun and friends.

Friday we had our Council meeting and learners decided on representatives for different studios. Sparks discussed creativity for our Fly High Friday; different ways in which we can create and different creations we can make. We look forward to seeing you all again next week!


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