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Sparks: Session 2, Week 2

This week was a special week with a field trip to the Closter’s Nature Center to meet Marc and hear about the animals’ adaptation to the upcoming winter. We searched for deers and woodpeckers while hiking in the Nature Center (and unfortunately didn’t find them). The learners were excited to see Marc’s turtle and asked a million questions throughout the visit. It was a very successful trip.

During quest, the learners created recyclable robots with cardboard boxes and different decorations. The learners had to work together to create the robots, and they even gave them names :)

Morning launches are becoming more and more complex and deep. This week we introduced the different monsters we may encounter in our hero’s Journey:

  • Resistance - when you are afraid to start something, or you keep procrastinating

  • Victimhood - when it is hard for you to own your mistakes and you blame everything else

  • Distraction - when it becomes very difficult to focus on what is in front of you.

Even the younger learners participate in the discussion, sharing their thoughts.

Our Kind word for the week was neighborly. We had a great conversation about who our neighbors are and how we should treat them. Lastly, on our fun fact Friday, the learners shared some facts they knew about space and learned some new ones:

  • The moon is very hot during the day and very cold at night!

  • One million earth can fit inside the sun!

  • The first chimp to go into space was named Ham!

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